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We are a digital agency from southern Lower Austria and support entrepreneurs with our know-how in the field of digital media and the digitization of their company.


We are planning your online marketing! Measurable, transparent and direct. The focus is on your entrepreneurial success. We show you the digital way to reach your goal.


Well planned is half the battle. With our team, we realize your ideas. Whether directly supervised or accompanying, we help you to reach your goal.


Measure 3 times, optimize 1 time. After testing, we optimize all activities to maximize the success of your online marketing. Our success is your success.

Did you know what happens in the digital world?

Das Kundenverhalten im Internet hat sich durch die Entwicklung der Smartphones nachhaltig veraendert. Kunden sind informierter, flexibler, aber auch schwieriger zu gewinnen und überzeugen als je zuvor. Im Online-Marketing, wo der Kundenkontakt durch Inhalte wie Text, Bilder und Videos transportiert wird, ist es wichtig über das Verhalten und die Bedürfnisse der Kunden Bescheid zu wissen, sich daran zu orientieren und ideal mit Inhalten anzusprechen.


of the users on the Web are using the Web more and research more than a few years ago.


of the users use their smartphones to search for local businesses.


of users research for solutions when completing a task.


more purchases and inquiries about mobile devices in the last year.

Source: Google Inc.

How we work

Through a detailed analysis during the costumer meeting and a careful strategy planning we create a clear overview and can work towards the goals to be achieved and optimized. We want to ideally accompany you potential customers, from the first customer approach through to the intended action.



Attention to your product! Through interesting headlines or innovative ads, we draw the attention to you and leave a lasting impression.



You want the right customers - right? Only clear communication brings valuable prospects. The message is crucial, whether via text, image or video.



Hard to convince? Often you have to have multiple tries. Whether on the website, via e-mail, on Facebook or on the blog. The focus is always on your added value for the customer.



And suddenly it happens ... a new request, a purchase, a new contact. Your new customer is our goal and your success is our success.

6 reasons to work with us

We are different from other digital agencies. Unfortunately, all our countless USPs don’t fit here on the website, so we named the just the most important ones.


Being an entrepreneur

We are primarily entrepreneurs who love online marketing and digitization. Our team brings experience from different industries. We speak to you on one eye level - from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.


More than a customer

We want to act and communicate with our customers in a friendly way and try to grasp the overall picture of each company. No one is just a number here - and no customer is treated better than the other.


Honesty lasts the longest

Everyone deserves the chance for digital success and we want to make that possible. We always find a solution and work on it until the right way has been found. If there is none, we will not waste your time or your money.


From Young for Young

Our young team is not just tomorrow - but already a customer today. We know what's important for tomorrow's customers, how the trends are developing and how we can best use them for your product and services.



Just good enough is not enough for us. We live for cooperations instead of competition and we regularly try to communicate with our partner agencies about the most important news. Of course, this includes seminars, lectures and conventions.



Especially in our industry you as a customer do not know whether it is good or bad work what we and our valued colleagues do. A look behind the scenes is often denied. We take the time to explain you every step and every key figure, because after all, you want to know what you spend your money for? Transparency creates trust – so trust us with your marketing.


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